Welcome to the Battery Academy. Here, you will find simple explanations about the batteries we use in our everyday lives.

Do you know how electricity comes out of batteries? With a wide series of contents ‐ from basic battery structure to the history of batteries, types of batteries, choosing the correct batteries, and tips for longer battery life ‐ this academy will change the way you use and think about your batteries.

Basic Knowledge

This is the basic knowledge page which teaches you basic information about batteries and their various different types. This knowledge alone will change the way you use and think about your batteries.

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History of Batteries

With so much power crammed into such a small body, batteries are truly a result of human knowledge. Here, you can quickly breeze through the history of this technology.

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How to use Batteries

In the past, you might have just used batteries without thinking about it. Now, you can use your batteries more intelligently, safely, efficiently, and without waste.

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Batteries of Future

This section talks about the “batteries of the future” which will become part of our lives in years to come. Hopefully you will find it as exciting as we do.

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