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Panasonic Global

Panasonic Corporation based in Japan is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, comprised of over 634 companies. It manufactures and markets a wide range of products under the Panasonic brand to enhance and enrich lifestyles all around the globe.

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Business Segments

Panasonic Corporation is comprised of various business domain companies, from AV to home appliances, to industrial solutions and other consumer electronic products. Each company has its distinct R&D, production and sales functions that satisfy specific consumer needs worldwide.

Company Business Contents
AVC Networks Company Development, manufacture of consumer AVC equipment and mobile phone, as well as the development, manufacture, servicing and solutions sales of engineering of electric, communication and electronic machinery & equipment related to system network.
Appliances Company Development and manufacture of home appliances, personal-care products, health enhancing products, etc., as well as the development, manufacture and sales of commercial‐use heating/refrigeration/air conditioning equipment, etc
Eco Solutions Company Development, manufacture and sales of lighting, wiring, power distribution, housing equipment, ventilation fan systems, storage battery as well as the promotion of comprehensive solutions and nursing care equipments & services
Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Development, manufacture and sales of Automotive related products (car‐use‐multimedia‐related equipment, eco‐car‐related equipment, electrical components), Industrial related devices (electronic components, electronic materials, semiconductors, optical devices, primary batteries, secondary batteries, chargers, battery appliances and components), Manufacturing related systems (electronic component mounting systems, welding & robot systems) and bicycle related products

Basic Management Objective

Our corporate activities are based on an unchanging management objective, established by the founder Konosuke Matsushita, stipulating that the company must contribute to society through its business as a public entity